Sunday, August 31, 2014


Wearing:  Top and origami skorts: @stilesclothing (Ig), Hat: Forever21, Mandals: @sewnsandals (Ig)

I just realized that I'm currently obsessing over with the Normcore trend. I've been browsing over at Instagram with the hashtags of "#Normcore" and "#newtonormcore" and I'm really fascinated how people are so creative in pulling off their very own Normcore looks inspite of how basic and minimal it is. I mean it's everywhere! It really is a big trend at the moment. What I love the most about it is that it represents who I am and what my style is all about: Basic, Comfort and Minimal. 

Another thing though that I'm currently obsessing over at Instagram is looking over at the photos with the VSCO and VSCOCAM hashtags. Darn, I am such a sucker for photography. I AM A FRUSTRATED PHOTOGRAPHER GUYS. Just so you know, I've been following and stalking (hihi) a lot of accounts on Instagram with a very lovely feed. (I love adoring other people's work in Photography. Don't I sound to creepy? No?) Right now, I am on the process of improving my own feed. :) I deleted a massive amount of pictures last night and I'm willing to give my feed a fresh start. Oh! BTW, I've been giving VSCO a try and I edited my pictures there for this outfit post to at least enhance the simplicity of the photos.

P.S.: Can you actually believe it's the start of BER months already by tomorrow? I cannot believe how time flies by so fast! I must say, I've experienced a whole lot of fun but crazy roller coaster ride in my life for the past few months and I cannot wait what God has in store for me for the BER months to come. I'm thankful for all those memories and experiences though. :)

My Inspiration

What more than to feel inspired with a good music? Been playing this song a couple of times while working over for this outfit post and I cannot help but dance to the beat. I listened to MKTO's album a while ago and darn, this duo just stole my heart men.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Wearing: Cropped top: scored from a bazaar, Flannel: H&M, Pants: SM Women, Sneakers: Vans

Miss me? :p LOL! Sorry if I've been on my first major blog hiatus for this year. I just felt so uninspired with my life right now and that definitely held me back from blogging. Anyway, I'm wearing another set of black outfit for this post because I'm mourning over the death of my motivation. (Sad truth slash No kidding) I don't know why! but honestly, after my graduation which was last April, I had no chance to think about what I really like to pursue for a living. :( It's not that I'm having a hard time finding a job, but wouldn't it be better if I would actually find or work for something that I'd be happy to do and get paid for? Maybe I just really need time to think about it. I think a vacation at the beach or a nice catch up with some good friends/best friends or a trip to an amusement park would definitely help to calm my mind...somehow.

BTW! I know this may sound crazy but honestly I'm planning to write up a love story in Wattpad! I've got so much brainstorming to do if ever I push thru with that plan of mine. I'll be updating you guys soon! xx

My inspiration

Who that? Who that? I-G-G-Y. Who that? Who that? I-G-G-Y. That's definitely my favorite part in this song! I've been obsessing lately with Iggy Azalea and her songs and this one I got here is my absolute favorite! I just feel like it goes really well with my outfit and it really helped to brighten up my mood. :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014


I don't know what has gotten into me but I've been really into lazy dressing these past few days.  Most of the time, I am so not in the mood to think about what to mix and match that I always tend to pick up pieces that I find comfortable. And later did I know, lazy and comfy dressing is the new trend: NORMCORE. Finally! I found the right fashion term to describe my style aside from Whimsically casual.

Outfit Details

Kimono: @falsinatrends (IG)
LBD: Thrifted
Mandals: @sewnsandals (IG)

 Before I worked on with this blog post, I made a research about Normcore and here's what I came up with:

1. Normcore - derived from 2 words: Normal and Hardcore.
2. Normcore involves a lot of comfy pieces: boyfriend/ripped jeans, white tees, sneakers and a whole lot of birks!
3. Through my observation, normcore involves a lot of BLACK N WHITE.

In my opinion: If you're wearing Birkenstock sandals/slip ons, that doesn't automatically mean you're into Normcore already. As long as you're pulling off a lazy and comfy outfit in a Fashionable way without even trying to be effortless, I must say, That's Normcore.

Btw, I wore this whole lazy outfit out when I celebrated my 22nd birthday last July 23. I know, I got a year older...again. Is that good or bad? Good in a way that I'm STILL alive and  kickin' for another year and that there's a lot of things to accomplish along the way and I'm way beyond thankful for that. Bad in a way that I'm slightly freaking out with the "I'm getting older!" expression and that's another thing for other people to make fun of you like "OMG! You're so old!" and "Yikes! You're older than me!". LIKE WHAAAAAAT. =)))

My birthday celebration was much more intimate this time unlike last year. I cooked carbonara and some chicken lollies for my siblings before I left to have a birthday date with my awesome boyfriend. We watched "Step Up: All in." and had Jamba Juice and went to the bookstore so I can fantasize slash look over all these books that I cannot buy and will not bother buying unless it's on sale. (I'm a cheapskate just like that.) Then we headed over at my boyfriend's house and celebrated the remaining hours of my birthday there through a pizza treat (exclusive by me of course) for his adorable cousins and a whole lot of movie marathon. 

What completed and highlighted my birthday was the amount of overwhelming "Happy Birthday!" greets I received from my dearest friends, school mates and relatives through my Facebook wall and inbox, on Twitter and Instagram and some of them even bothered to hit me up on my personal number. I don't know but I just felt really happy! If you guys are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for doing such an effort to greet me in any way that you can. I really appreciated that. I know I'm slightly over-reacting here, but I'm just really happy! Even up to this day, whenever I read everyone's greetings, I still cannot help but smile to myself and say "Oh god. Thank you!" You guys almost made me cry! Lol. I just really felt loved and appreciated. Well that's more than an enough reason to feel inspired! ;)

P.S.: Thank you lord for everything. You are amazing! ❤️

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Last July 23, I just turned 22! (YEYYYY). Let's take a break from the outfit posts that I'm been consistently publishing here in my blog. I wanted to do something different this time. Allow me to share the lessons / sudden realizations / crazy thoughts / quotes made by me, that I've always been keeping inside my head.

1. Always be Thankful.  Regardless of what you've been going through never forget to thank the Lord for everything.

2. Never chase after people. People Come and Go. If they want to stay in your life they shouldn't have left in the first place.

3. Taking selfies aren't always necessary. Unless...

4. Always be careful of what you post online. EYES EVERYWHERE.

5. Think before you proceed. Decisions aren't made overnight, it also takes time to come up with a decent one.

6. S&R Pizza is my comfort food. Forever Cheese & Garlic Shrimp flavored pizza. FOREVER.

7. It's only a bad day, not a bad life.

8. I have always hated strangers before. But now I'm always ending up befriending them.

9. Jamba Juice's Berry Topper Parfait / Banana Berry Smoothie are my FOREVER Favorite

10. Filling your Twitter account with shameless rants about your life or dissing someone doesn't make you cool. Just so you know.

11. It is ALWAYS important to save up money. Now that's a realization! LOL.

12. "Let them leave. If they came back, welcome them with open arms. But don't expect things will be the same again."

13. "We hurt ourselves out of curiosity."

14. "The LEAST you expect, the MORE destiny will find ways to make it happen." Proven and Tested, bae.

15. It won't hurt to be a little crazy and wild sometimes.

16. "Know your limit and never exceed it."

17. There's always a Taylor Swift song that will truly understand how you feel.

18. If you can't say it, might as well just sing it--out loud. That makes everything feel better. :)

19. I, for instance, need to seek my own "The Great" Perhaps. The thing I kept on telling myself after I finished reading "Looking for Alaska." At my age (22) I need to work my butt off and save up money.

20. I am way beyond thankful for having such great people in my life.

21. "Books are sometimes more reliable than People." 

Sunday, July 27, 2014


These past few days I've been so into Lazy Dressing and being able to dress up lazily when I go out is something that I'm accustomed of because basically I'm a minimalist. I just love keeping things chill, casual and comfortable. I don't really accessorize and if I do, not that much or you'll barely get to see it. As usual, my go-to colors just saved me (again) for the NTH time when I wore this whole outfit off for a Sunday lunch out with my relatives, last week.

Outfit Details

Top and Shorts: Scored at the Super Sale Bazaar
Sandals: @sewnsandals

I cannot believe I have been in to 3 bazaars this past 6 months of 2014 and I don't know how my mom will react to that when she finds out! LOL! Scored my entire outfit at the recent Super Sale Bazaar that happened last July 18-20 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Luckily I was able to treat myself this Black pair of Birks inspired sandals from the bazaar because I've been dying to buy one ever since I saw it on @sewnsandals' Instagram feed.

My inspiration

Gotta love Florida Georgia Line! I love how their country songs are turned into remixed versions and it's really cool! I first fell in love with their "Cruise" remixed version song and I instantly used it as my outfit inspiration! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014


We all have that one day We feel like dressing up in an all black outfit...
even under the scorching hot, Manila Weather.

Outfit Details

Cropped Top: Scored at the World Trade Bazaar
Blazer: Bloggers United 7 Bazaar
Pants: Fashion Market
Heels: Parisian
Sunnies: Bloggers United 6 Bazaar

Let's talk about Dress codes.

In every place that we go and in every event that we attend to, there will ALWAYS be an appropriate Dress code: At schools, churches, concerts, Balls, family gathering and most especially at the office. I remember when I still work for IHG, thinking about what to wear at work has always been a challenge (slash problem) of mine. Because of the weather and everything I had to think of something that will keep my cool while I head off  to the office and up until the day ends. I always follow dress codes because I hate receiving violations. Hahaha!  This was actually one of the outfits I wore off to work before minus the heels because honestly I hate wearing heels, unless it's actually required or necessary or if I'm actually in the mood to wear one. I never had a chance to take a picture of my #ootds at work that's why I never posted anything about it. 
I wore the outfit today and paired it with heels, so I can blog about it and at the same time to see for myself if the outfit would turn out the same gorgeous way I imagined it to be and luckily it did.

My inspiration

Emma Watson and Patricia Prieto

Yeah, I know. It's been a while since I blogged an outfit with a celebrity/celebrities as my outfit inspiration. 2 gorgeous ladies that I admire the most rolled into one outfit inspiration. AWESOME. lol! Can you picture out my take of their outfits?